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Our Emerald Melee

    Here at Eternity, melee emeralds are part of our passion. As such, we strive to give our clients access to some of the most beautiful and vibrant emeralds in the market place today. We produce emerald melee in different colors and qualities to fit all of your customer's needs.

​All of the stones you receive are stones that we have produced from rough stones.
Enter the "True Cut," the pride and joy of our years of experience with emerald melee. Our "True Cut" philosophy is not only to provide you an emerald that will be acceptable but one that is well cut and easy to incorporate into any piece of jewelry. Honestly, these stones speak for themselves.

Colors and Qualities.
Princess Cut Size Range.
Beautiful Round Emerald Melee.
High Quality Princess Cuts
Beautiful Baguettes
Charming Cabs.
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