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Our Gemstone Services

Emerald is truly a special stone. Each one has it's own unique fingerprint and each must be treated accordingly. The days of one size fits all treatments, cutting and analysis are over. The Eternity approach is different. Each stone is studied as an individual when we receive it for any of our polishing, re-cutting, and re-treatment services. Our experienced lapidaries specialize in colored stones to fulfill all of our re-cutting services.

Scientist Using Microscope
Pipetting Samples


Does your stone look whitish around the "garden" or natural fissures within? 

It's probably time for an "oil change". Emeralds are typically oiled or clarity enhanced with a variety of liquid and liquid-like solutions. This is an age-old practice that has been around for generations. The purpose of this is to increase the clarity of the gem by allowing light to pass more freely within the stone.


Where you get your gemstone re-treated matters.

All of our re-treatment services take place in the world's most cutting edge emerald clarity treatment facility Clarity Enhancement Laboratories where we take a bespoke approach to cleaning and retreating each stone.

Why Cleaning Matters.

Cleaning is essential to the re-treatment of any emerald or clarity enhanced stones. This ensures that discoloration or staining from the original treatment as well as broken down particles are removed from the stones natural fissures. If these aren't properly cleaned they will take away from the beauty of the stone like in the image to the right. This doesn't always occur to such an extreme, but generally every unstable enhancement will break down.


Repeated ‘oiling’ without proper cleaning can cause staining within the fractures and may even compromise the integrity of the emerald.

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